$1 million winning Powerball Lottery ticket unclaimed

February 24, 2010 by  
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When lady luck shone down on a Powerball Lottery ticket holder six months ago she shone with a sense of irony. The player who bought the winning Powerball Lottery ticket, which was worth a cool $1 million, had until Monday to claim their prize but they never realised the dream of joining the lottery winners club as the $1 million winning Powerball Lottery ticket was unclaimed.

It seems such a shame that somebody’s chance to become a lottery millionaire has been missed. Maybe the winning Powerball Lottery ticket holder accidentally threw the ticket out or it is still sat in a summer jacket pocket but wherever the ticket is, whether that be in the bin or tucked away it is now worthless. The time to claim the prizes has passed along with the ticket holder’s $1 million.

The winning Powerball Lottery ticket was sold in Racine County, Wisconsin, US and the ticket holder had 180 days following the draw to claim their prize. This time expired on Monday the 22nd of February. Unlike the UK National Lottery, which donates unclaimed prizes to the Good Causes funds, unclaimed Powerball Lottery prizes are returned to residents of the state where the winning lottery ticket is sold, to help offset property taxes.

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