$140 Mega Millions jackpot

October 28, 2010 by  
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Over the past couple of months the focus of the worlds lottery players has being firmly fixed on the record breaking SuperEnalotto jackpot and the massive Euromillions fortune but all this time the multi-state American Mega Millions has continued to grow. Last Tuesdays draw was the 11th since anyone purchased a winning ticket and matched all six numbers meaning this Friday you could be playing for a $140 Mega Millions jackpot.

On Tuesday seven winning tickets were sold matching five Mega Millions numbers and each one of those picked up $250,000 but no-one has won the full jackpot since September 18th when one lucky player from New York picked up $54 million. This Friday’s $140 jackpot (just over £88 million) is a huge amount but does not come close to some of the record payouts from past draws which include:

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  • £363 million split between two winners in May 2000
  • £315 million won by a single person in November 2005
  • £330 million shared by four winners in August 2007
  • £390 million shared by two players in March 2007

If you cant wait until tomorrow night for the chance to win a fortune don’t forget tonight’s SuperEnalotto is still waiting to be won and is by far the biggest lottery jackpot in the world right now. The SuperEnalotto has not been won since February and players the world over have been wagering a small fortune in the hope of taking home a share of the prize pot that now sits at over €175 million which works out to be about £152 million.