£71 million EuroMillions rollover jackpot

October 30, 2009 by  
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It’s Friday night, which means only one thing in the world of lotteries, that it’s EuroMillions draw night and this week’s rollover jackpot stands at a staggering £71 million. Just imagine what you can buy if you won tonight’s £71 million EuroMillions rollover jackpot. A new car, a new house (or two), maybe even a small country?!

The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over four times to reach this huge £71 million figure. Last week saw a rush of ticket sales due to the £54 million jackpot up for grabs with this week’s sales following a similar pattern. This is also the final EuroMillions draw before the price of a EuroMillions ticket in the UK rises and the new Millionaire Raffle is introduced.

The Millionaire Raffle launches next Friday and will see a new UK lottery millionaire made every single week. The extra 50p for the new EuroMillions tickets will go into a fund which is then awarded to the winner of the Millionaire Raffle. Every time that UK lottery players buy tickets for EuroMillions lottery draws from next week onwards they will receive a unique number for each line of lottery numbers bought. One of these unique numbers is drawn randomly at the EuroMillions draw on a Friday night and the lucky ticket holder with that number will win £1 million.

With £71 million just waiting to be won by the next lucky player to match all five main numbers and the two lucky stars the EuroMillions is offering its players great value. If you want a shot at this enormous lottery jackpot you can buy tickets to the EuroMillions lottery right here at Online Lotto. Simply click the EuroMillions link below, where you can buy tickets to tonight’s EuroMillions quadruple rollover lottery draw.