A man won US Powerball using the same lottery numbers

November 2, 2009 by  
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A man won the US Powerball using the same lottery numbers that he’d selected for over 17 years. Doug Miron from Wisconsin, US has played the same Powerball lottery numbers every week for 17 years and finally it paid off. Lucky lottery winner, Miron won $31.4 million playing Powerball on Wednesday the 14th of October.

Miron recalls the moment he realised he was a multi-millionaire saying “I looked at the TV with one eye, and I opened my other eye, and I know my numbers. And they’re all there! And I jumped up on the table.” This persistent lottery player was convinced that this specific selection of numbers were going to win one day so he kept playing them for over 17 years. “He was that sure that he kept playing. He said you gotta buy one to win,” said Miron’s girlfriend Jody Nelson. Nelson explained that she was absolutely shocked when Miron told her he’d matched all six lottery numbers.

However, Miron’s lottery jackpot win is bittersweet. Miron and his brother Steve used to play Powerball together every week but sadly Steve died several years ago, and Miron said he wishes he could have shared the felling of winning the lottery with him. Miron said even though his brother has passed, he still plans to live out some of the dreams they shared.

Despite winning enough money to retire on Moron continues to work as a wood sculptor and has also pledged to continue playing the same Powerball lottery numbers for the next 17 years and beyind.

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