Another Chinese lottery scandal

October 20, 2009 by  
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Earlier this month the Chinese Welfare Lottery, the country’s biggest lottery, had its biggest ever lottery prize won but over the recent weeks allegations have arisen and it appears as though there’s another Chinese lottery scandal in the making.

On October the 8th Chinese Welfare Lottery officials announced that one unidentified ticket holder scooped a gigantic 360 million Yuan (52.7 million U.S. dollar) prize. Rumours have since been circulating among locals and the media with many different theories about the winner’s identity, including; a truck driver, a security guard, a store owner and a lottery syndicate of four people but still no official word from the actual lottery winners themselves.

Members of the public in China have seen many lottery scandals recently and this huge lottery win has started the conspiracy theories again. The fact that the winning ticket actually contained the same two sets of numbers, doubling the prize money won has made a lot of Chinese suspicious of the lottery results.

A lottery insider fuelled the lottery scandal theories claiming that the draw was pre-recorded and that lottery issuing agencies could use the two-hour time gap between last-minute sales and the lottery draw itself to manipulate the results. The lottery insider continued by saying that the lottery issuing agency used a super computer to analyze lottery ticket sales data and then lottery draw officials pre-taped several versions of each high-jackpot draw. Top officials of the lottery issuing agencies then choose which set to broadcast the anonymous lottery insider added.

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