Boxing gym conversion paid for by a National Lottery Grant

July 22, 2009 by  
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An amateur boxing club in Norfolk now has a brand new gym to train in thanks to the National Lottery. The boxing gym conversion paid for by a National Lottery grant saw a former kitchen and bathroom showroom turned into a new home for the club. Until the conversion Attleborough Amateur Boxing Club had to train in a local school.

The club is a major part of the local community and has several qualified coaches, child protection officers, an admin team and sixty-plus full-paid up members. They even have a ladies night on a Tuesday which normally has 10-12 attendees. Up and coming young prospect, Keiron Lancaster is one of the members taking advantage of the great new facilities paid for by the National Lottery. Even though Keiron is only 10 years old, he has been a member of Attleborough Amateur Boxing Club since 2006. “I watched a lot of boxing on TV and thought I’d try it” said Keiron.

This is just one of the many great stories of local community projects which are supported by the National Lottery good causes fund.  Every pound spent on the National Lottery has managed to help over 317,000 projects in the UK, that’s roughly a project for every single square kilometre of the UK!  National Lottery grants help organisations across the UK in all kinds of sectors including; arts, heritage, sport, community and voluntary groups and also supports projects concerning health, education and the environment. Plus the National Lottery will also be funding the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in London.

Did you realise just how many people benefit from the National Lottery?  Think about it next time you buy tickets for an online lotto. To play Lotto from the National Lottery and help to support these worthy causes simply click the appropriate National Lottery link below.