Catholic Church warns against money worshipping before God

August 13, 2009 by  
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The Italian Catholic Church has warned the people of Italy of the dangerous consequences of worshipping money. As Italy’s SuperEnalotto rolls over again and reaches an astonishing €131.5 million, at the time of writing this article, the nation’s Catholic Church warns against money worshipping before God.

Domenico Sigalini, the bishop of Palestrina and an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church in Italy has blasted this form of idolisation saying “we turn not to God but to money”. The bishop continued by saying “History teaches us that everyone who wins billions ends up badly, it’s bad not good luck”. Another voice from within the Italian Catholic Church, Cosmo Francesco Ruppi who is the former archbishop of Lecce has spoken about the so-called immoral chasing of that dream lottery win stating “”this must be stopped without remorse and as soon as possible”. Even the many Popes over the years have attempted to ban the nation’s lotteries but there efforts have been snuffed by the governments at the time.

This lottery news of disapproval from the Vatican hasn’t dampened the hysteria as citizens across Italy still queued outside tobacconists to buy tickets for a chance to win the unprecedented, 82 times rollover lottery jackpot which hasn’t been won since January. The SuperEnalotto isn’t the only lottery jackpot which has snowballed to huge proportions. The US Mega Millions rollover jackpot currently stands at $146 million and with two days to go will be even bigger by the time it is won.

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