Changes are coming for Thunderball

May 4, 2010 by  
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From Sunday the 9th of May some big changes are coming for Thunderball. Thunderball is a firm favourite for lottery players in the UK and now the National Lottery is making it even better. The exciting changes for Thunderball will include; an extra draw each week, more prizes and bigger jackpots.

Saturday will be the last regular drawing of Thunderball before some big changes take place. From Sunday there will be able a big shake up to how things are done, starting with a change to how you actually play the game. You are now asked to pick your five main lottery numbers from 1-39 instead of 1-34 as it currently is.

Along with the different lottery numbers there will also be an additional draw which will take place on a Friday, giving you three days of the week to play Thunderball. The National Lottery has also added a new prize to the Thunderball draw. Now players will win £3 for simply matching the Thunderball, where you won no prize whatsoever for doing this before.

To round off the improvements the Thunderball jackpot has also been doubled. Instead of winning £250,000 for matching five main lottery numbers plus the Thunderball you will now win half a million pounds if your numbers come in!

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