Eighth largest Powerball jackpot is still unclaimed

April 9, 2010 by  
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The US Powerball Lottery has a long history of creating huge jackpots and along with these huge jackpots comes very rich Powerball Lottery winners but one ticket holder is still to claim their jackpot prize. Unbelievably the eighth largest Powerball jackpot is still unclaimed over three weeks after the draw being made.

There could be many reasons why the winner hasn’t come forward yet. They may be seeking professional advice before stepping into the lottery winners spotlight or maybe it’s an international online lotto player who has bagged this massive lottery jackpot who hasn’t checked their emails yet. If you buy online lotto tickets for the US Powerball Lottery we urge you to check your account just in case your junk email filter has intercepted the good news.

Top 10 US Powerball Lottery jackpots:

  • February 18th 2006 – $365 million
  • August 25th 2007 – $314 million
  • March 15th 2008 – $276 million
  • August 19th 2009 – $259 million
  • January 24th 2007 – $254 million
  • May 27th 2009 – $232 million
  • April 12th 2006 – $224 million
  • March 13th 2010 – $211 million – This is the unclaimed Powerball Lottery jackpot in question
  • August 5th 2006 – $208 million
  • September 27th 2008 – $206 million

Don’t worry if you’re not the winner of this massive Powerball Lottery jackpot as this leading US lottery’s jackpot has racked its way up to the dizzy heights of $150 million and you can buy tickets for the Saturday night Powerball draw here at Online Lotto directly from your computer.

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