EuroMillions jackpot not won in the UK

November 21, 2009 by  
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Last night £13.5 million EuroMillions jackpot was won, but not in the UK. However thanks to the new Millionaire Raffle there was a new UK lottery millionaire made last night. In fairness, just two weeks ago the UK took a massive £91 million out of the EuroMillions pot so as a nation, we really can’t complain about the EuroMillions jackpot not being won in the UK last night.

The dust still hasn’t settled after the mammoth haul of EuroMillions dosh to the shores of old Blighty and we are on the lookout for our next piece of inter-continental lottery pie. Thanks to the new Millionaire Raffle for UK EuroMillions players we will have 52 new lottery millionaires every year and unlike lottery jackpots in other parts of the world UK lottery windfalls don’t fall victim to the tax man, making £1 million really mean £1 million.

The winning lottery numbers for last nights’ Euro Millions draw were 05, 09, 28, 43 and 47 with the lucky stars being drawn as 02 and 09. The £13,536,000 jackpot was won by a lucky ticket holder outside of the UK but two UK EuroMillions ticket holders matched 5 main lottery numbers plus 1 lucky star winning each of them £312,039.80 as a nice little stocking filler just before Christmas.

The all-important Millionaire Raffle number was: L B W 8 1 8 9 4 8 which is guaranteed to have made a brand new UK lottery millionaire. Because the Millionaire Raffle draw can only select a number that has already been sold it guarantees to have a winner with no chance of a rollover.

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