EuroMillions rollover Mega Jackpot

February 12, 2010 by  
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To mark the sixth birthday of the EuroMillions lottery last Friday there was a special £85 million Mega Jackpot to play for.  But as nobody managed to match all five main lottery numbers and the two lucky stars the enormous jackpot rolled over to tonight’s draw. This means that when you buy tickets for tonight’s draw you will be playing for the £113 million EuroMillions rollover Mega Jackpot.

Tonight has to be one of the most economical night’s to play the EuroMillions lottery due to the massive jackpot which you can win plus the extra chance you have to make it rich via the Millionaire Raffle, which is exclusively open to UK EuroMillions ticket holders and guarantees to make a brand new UK lottery millionaire every single Friday night EuroMillions draw. This means when you buy tickets for tonight’s EuroMillions rollover Mega Jackpot draw you get a chance to win a record-breaking jackpot plus an extra chance to become rich playing the Millionaire Raffle.

If a UK EuroMillions ticket holder wins the massive rollover jackpot it will break the current record for the single biggest lottery win in the UK by over 100%! The current record for a single lottery win in the UK is held by Les and Sam Scadding from South Wales and a lottery syndicate of IT workers from Liverpool who each won £45.5 million at the end of last year but a £113 million UK lottery winner would put this record firmly in the shade.

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