EuroMillions Winner Misses Out on Fortune

May 22, 2012 by  
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One very unlucky Scot at the beginning of this month missed out on a massive Euromillions lottery fortune after failing to come forward with the winning ticket after the deadline to claim their winnings expired at 11pm on Wednesday 2nd May. The ticket was for the Millionaire Raffle which is the bonus draw you are automatically entered into with every Euromillions ticket purchased but the cash will now added to good causes fund instead.

The unlucky winner who comes from the South Lanarkshire area must have failed to check their Euromillions ticket correctly after the draw on the 4th November last year even after a number of high profile appeals in the media in a bid to track them down. A spokesman from the lottery operator says “I can confirm that the ticket holder did not come forward within the deadline to claim their prize and has now sadly missed out on this substantial amount of money. To avoid this situation happening again, I would urge all National Lottery players to check their tickets on a regular basis. We tried very hard to find the ticket holder and it’s a real shame that they have missed out, but there is still one winner – the nation. This money, and all the interest earned over the 180 days, will now go to good causes.”

If all this talk of winning prizes has got you wanting to win a prize then look no further than tonight’s EuroMillions draw as there is a rollover jackpot on offer to win. This top prize has rolled over six times to reach tonight’s jackpot amount which is estimated at £58/€72 million, which is almost the highest the EuroMillions top prize has been this year. Therefore, have your tickets ready for tonight’s draw if you fancy matching the numbers drawn to win the impressive EuroMillions jackpot.