First $587.5m Powerball Winner Officially Named

November 30, 2012 by  
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The $587.5 million Powerball jackpot, which was won by two ticket holders’ just days ago (see our news piece here for full details), has had the first half of its winnings claimed by the ticket holders from Missouri. After the Powerball had officially checked and confirmed the ticket, the winners have been named by local news WPTV as Mark and Cindy Hill, a fifty something couple from the small town Dearborn in Missouri.

The couple are understood to have initially announced their Powerball win via Facebook, where Mr Hill’s best friend from high school, David Troutman, had seen a status update from Mrs Hill announcing they were winners. Immediately, news trucks and crews had descended upon the tiny town which has just 495 inhabitants, and Mr Troutman had gleefully told the press he knew the winner. However, the names of the individuals had been tightly kept under wraps until confirmation had been made that the ticket was indeed, the winning ticket.

The ticket was purchased from the Trex Mart convenience store, who are expected to receive a hefty sum for being the store to sell the winning ticket. Cindy Hill is quoted as having said “I think I am having a heart attack!” after checking her ticket with her mother in law, who also is a resident of Dearborn. The Hill’s have three grown up children and a six year old adopted daughter, and admit that money has been tight for them in recent years.

A full statement and interview with the winners is expected to be made by the Missouri Lottery later today confirming the full details.

Rumors are also surfacing that the Arizona winner has been identified, after being caught on CCTV in a convenience store supposedly finding out his ticket was a winner. Stay tuned for more on this news as it comes!

Update: The Arizona winner has now been officially named after claiming their share of the prize – for more information, read our newspiece on the Second Powerball Winner