Five men arrested for lottery scams

October 13, 2009 by  
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Three Nigerians and two Indians were arrested in Deli over the weekend and are facing charges of fraud. The five men arrested for these lottery scams would ask their unsuspecting victims to deposit money into fraudulent bank accounts, promising them huge lottery jackpots in return.

The five arrested men are alleged to have made phone calls and sent send text messages to people telling them that they had won the UK National Lottery, asking for deposits to be made to release their lottery jackpots. The accused men allegedly cheated people from wide areas of India including; Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Jharkhand, Nagaland, Delhi and Rajasthan.

Two of the lottery fraudsters came unstuck last month when they were pulled over for a traffic offence after being seen riding on a motorcycle without crash helmets. One of the lottery scamsters attempted to disguise his identity by using a false name but the arresting officers became suspicious when the vehicle was found out to be registered in a different name. The men were searched which led to recovery of fake identification and driving licenses.

During police questioning the two arrested men revealed that they made the fake cards for opening bank accounts for their Nigerian accomplices. Police officers then conducted a series of searches and arrested three Nigerians in south Delhi on Saturday. The arrests also led to the detection of 26 fake bank accounts and the seizure of 11 mobile phones and three laptops. A motorcycle bearing fake registration plates and 100,500 rupees in cash were also recovered.

Lottery scams like these have been doing the rounds for a while now with thousands of new victims each year. As obvious as it may sound, if somebody tells you that you’re the winner of a lottery game that you’ve never played, then they ask you for money to claim the prize then it is doubtlessly a lottery scam.

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