Four-in-a-row for the EuroMillions?

June 4, 2010 by  
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The EuroMillions Lottery has swung from one extreme to another. The pan-European lottery has gone from rolling over week after week to awarding jackpot jackpots at the first time of asking but will tonight’s draw make it four in-a-row for the EuroMillions?

For five weeks the EuroMillions jackpot climbed and climbed, rolling over and failing to give away its top prize until the £84.45 million jackpot was finally won by one solitary UK EuroMillions ticket holder who has chosen to remain anonymous. However, since then the EuroMillions jackpot has been won at every opportunity. In each of the last three draws the EuroMillions jackpot has been won without the need to rollover the millions of pounds to the following draw but will there be yet another EuroMillions jackpot winner during this week’s Friday night draw?
If you want to play for the best part of £13 million you can buy tickets for the EuroMillions Lottery by clicking the EuroMillions link above and buying online lotto tickets safely and securely online, without having to trek to the nearest lottery terminal. Also don’t forget that when UK lottery players buy tickets for the EuroMillions Lottery you also get entry into the Millionaire Raffle which guarantees to make a brand new UK lottery millionaire every single draw.

The US Mega Millions Lottery has an estimated jackpot of $17 million to play for in tonight’s draw. In a similar fashion to the EuroMillions Lottery the Mega Millions Lottery gave away a big jackpot recently but you still have seventeen million reasons to buy online lotto tickets for the Friday night Mega Millions draw, which you can do by clicking the Mega Millions tab at the top of the page and choosing the play link on the Mega Millions page.

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