Fourth triple rollover lottery winner has come forward

April 30, 2010 by  
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Following a fortnight of speculation the fourth triple rollover lottery winner has come forward to claim their multi-million pound prize. The £4.1 million top prize had been unclaimed since the 14th of April, leading to speculation about who the winning ticket belonged to, with the National Lottery simply stating that the winning lottery ticket was sold in the Birmingham area.

For only the fifth time in its 15-year history the National Lottery jackpot reached ‘triple rollover’ status, leading a nation into lottery fever and a huge increase in ticket sales. As a triple rollover draw, the £16.5m jackpot had to be won, as per the rules set by the National Lottery Commission.

In the event of the National Lottery jackpot rolling over three times the Lotto game procedures require the jackpot to be won. If no ticket holders match all six main lottery numbers the top prize is shared by all ticket holders who match five main lottery numbers plus the Bonus Ball, making these super draws even more appealing.

However, for the triple rollover National Lottery draw held on the 14th of April there were four ticket holders who all each matched the six main lottery numbers to win over £4 million for their £1 tickets. Until yesterday only three of the four lottery winners had come forward to claim their prize but now the fourth and final winner has been claimed. All four triple rollover jackpot winners have elected to remain anonymous.

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