Gap-toothed Powerball jackpot winner

April 26, 2010 by  
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A 29-year-old store clerk from Marshall, Missouri in the US was the lucky winner of the $258.5 million jackpot from Wednesday night’s US Powerball Lottery draw. The gap-toothed Powerball jackpot winner says that one of the first things he intends to do is go to a dentist to get four new front teeth following his massive lottery haul, a haul which saw him become the 10th-biggest Powerball Lottery jackpot winner in its history.

Chris Shaw can now enjoy the finer things in life along with the ability to fix his missing front teeth. Lottery winner, Shaw, not only intends to visit the dentist but he also wants to repay a debt to an old friend who lent him money to buy a truck when times were hard and times have been hard for the now multi-millionaire.

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When Shaw hit the Powerball jackpot on Wednesday night he had just $28.96 in his bank account and had outstanding utility bills which he couldn’t afford to pay but things have changed now for the father-of-two now he is one of the biggest US lottery winners ever. Among many other plans, Shaw plans to take his three children as well as his girlfriend’s two children to Disney World in Florida for a dream holiday to celebrate their new found fortune.

Before this massive lottery jackpot was scooped by lucky lottery winner, Shaw, players had been buying online lotto tickets and heading to the stores to buy tickets in their droves, which is why the jackpot had climbed so high once again.

Following a rollover on Saturday, the estimated Powerball Lottery jackpot for Wednesday night’s draw is up to $30 million already.