How do you pick your lottery numbers?

September 30, 2009 by  
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Lotteries are funny old things. They are completely random selections of lottery numbers where every lottery ticket has the exact same chance of winning. If this is the case then why do some of us absolutely have to pick the same lottery numbers each week or why do some of us use, what may appear to be odd methods to select our lucky numbers? We here at Online Lotto decided to dig a little deeper and ask the question “How do you pick your lottery numbers?”

For some people going to buy tickets for the lottery is little more than a chore, queuing at the lottery terminal five minutes before they close, checking the Lucky Dip section then dashing off home to sit back and watch the lottery draw. However this is not all people.

There are people who strategically analyze the lottery numbers and lottery results from previous draws to see which numbers are statistically most likely to come out and also to see which numbers get chosen least so if these numbers are drawn they are likely to be the only winners. Other lottery players choose lottery numbers with personal relevance like family birthdays and anniversaries or telephone numbers and house numbers.

For anybody that plays the same lottery numbers each week there is another hazard which lottery players have fallen victim to in the past. Imagine the enormous feeling of despair and anger you would experience if you had played the same lottery numbers every week for year then one week were unable to put those numbers on and they were drawn? You’d just missed your golden chance to become one of the exclusive lottery winners club members.

There is a way to avoid such lottery heartache which is to buy tickets for the lottery online, which you can do here at Online Lotto. You can buy tickets in advance so there’s no chance of you missing your big lottery jackpot win.