Huge lottery jackpots to play for this weekend

March 5, 2010 by  
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This weekend there’s nearly £150 million worth of lottery jackpots to play for across the world. There are huge lottery jackpots to play for this weekend, starting tonight with the EuroMillions Lottery and Mega Millions Lottery which both have multi0rollover jackpots to buy tickets for and then on Saturday it’s the turn of the UK National Lottery, Irish Lottery and Powerball Lottery to offer you the chance of the lottery dream.

The EuroMillions pan-European lottery has a £40 million rollover jackpot to play for and also, for UK lottery players, there’s also the Millionaire Raffle to play, which guarantees to make a new lottery millionaire every single week through an addition game which is included in the cost of your ticket and is exclusively open to UK players.

The Mega Millions has rolled over repeatedly since the 2nd of February and has now worked its way up to $133 million, which is $82.6 million (£55 million) if you take the cash option as opposed to the annuity payments.

The UK National Lottery rolled over for the first time in over a month on Wednesday meaning that the Saturday night draw has a rollover jackpot of £7.5 million to play for.

As the Irish Lottery gave away its top prize on Wednesday the estimated Irish Lottery jackpot for the Saturday night draw is £2 million, which is roughly £1.8 million. The Irish Lottery is also celebrating its first online lotto winner who won £5.5 million from buying online lotto tickets for the Irish Lottery when his six numbers came in.

Like its American lottery counterpart, the US Powerball Lottery has rolled over many times meaning that the estimated Powerball Lottery jackpot for Saturday night’s draw is $139 million, which is $67.6 million(£45 million) if you take the cash option.

With all of these huge lottery jackpots to play for, you’re spoilt for choice. Once you’ve made your mind up and decided which lotteries you want to buy tickets for simply click the tabs at the top of the screen and buy online lotto tickets safely and securely online.