Hunt for the Irish Lottery jackpot winners

April 20, 2010 by  
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Last Wednesday the enormous £16.7 million multi-rollover Irish Lottery jackpot was won by one solitary ticket holder but as of yet nobody has come forward to officially claim the prize. Since the draw there has been a hunt for the Irish Lottery jackpot winners with a couple from County Waterford being suggested as the possible Irish Lottery jackpot winners.

Margaret and Tom Whelan, a couple from Lemybrien in Ireland, have been singled out by the media as the most likely candidates following news of a celebration party held last Wednesday night. The couple returned home last night following an impromptu break away. When asked if they were the massive £16.7 million lottery winners Mrs Whelan simply answered with the reply “no comment” and Mr Whelan said “I wish” from within his house.

This monster jackpot is the 2nd largest jackpot in Irish Lottery history but a spokesperson for the Irish Lottery stated that “no one had yet been in contact to claim the £16.7m prize”. They also added “staff were hoping to see the winners at Lottery headquarters over the coming days”.

Just like many other lotteries around the world the Irish Lottery has a limited time in which winners can collect their prize. In this instance, Irish Lottery winners have just 90 days to claim their prize before it is forfeited. We will keep you posted of any further lottery news regarding this massive Irish Lottery jackpot and its winners.

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