Jackpot winner is yet to come forward

June 11, 2010 by  
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On the 27th of March this year the Saturday night UK National Lottery had a £4,572,531 jackpot to play for, which was won by three lucky ticket holders. Although two of the jackpot winners have come forward and are already enjoying their new-found wealth the third jackpot winner is yet to come forward.

Time is running out for the owner of the winning National Lottery ticket, which is worth £1,524,177 if it’s presented within 180 from the date of the draw. With nearly half of the time allowed to claim a National Lottery prize already gone the clock is ticking to find the winner of this multi-million pound prize.

We can tell you that the third winning lottery ticket was bought in Borough of South Tyneside, it was for draw number 1488 which used lottery draw machine Guinevere and set of balls number 3 and the winning lottery numbers drawn were; 6, 11, 15, 32, 38 and 42 with the Bonus Ball being drawn as 24. If you live in the Borough of South Tyneside or if you may have bought lottery tickets there have a good hunt around the house and the car just in case.

The £1.5 million unclaimed National Lottery jackpot isn’t the only significant lottery prize waiting to find its rightful owner. There’s also a £251,657 prize for matching five main lottery numbers plus the Bonus Ball still to be claimed. This time the ticket was sold in the Bexhill & Hastings area and was for the 30th of December draw, meaning that the winner has until the 28th of this month to claim their quarter of a million pounds or it will be donated to the Good Causes funds.

If you want to buy tickets for the National Lottery safe in the knowledge that you’ll never miss a prize that you’ve won buy online lotto tickets. If you buy online lotto tickets for the National Lottery, which you can do by clicking the link above, you can easily see if you’ve picked a winner as you will have a message telling you that you’ve won.