Kids told to work for lottery handouts

November 3, 2009 by  
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If you have kids and you won the lottery it would be completely understandable for them to think that they were rich too. However a lottery winner from Michigan has told his kids they will have to work for lottery handouts. Father-of-four, Chris Crane told his kids “if they want some money they will have to earn it” after he bought a handful of small farms in Georgia with his lottery winnings.

This may seem a little strange to many of us who would consider a huge lottery win the perfect opportunity for us to sit back and retire in wealth and luxury, however Mt Crane doesn’t want his children to simply sit around all day and he still expects them to learn some of life’s lessons, including hard work and money management despite having the cash safety net provided by winning the Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

Mr Crane became Michigan’s eighth biggest lottery winner in October last year winning the $42 million Mega Millions jackpot. He chose to receive the lottery jackpot in annual payments of $1.625 million before taxes, ensuring that he and his family have a reliable income for the next 26 years.

Since winning the Mega Millions jackpot Mr Crane and his wife, Tina have bought a few small farms in Georgia where they now spend their time tending to crops and cattle. Mr Crane says that he probably works harder now than he ever did before becoming one of the Mega Millions lottery winners but he explained that it’s a different kind of work, honest work.

So Chris Crane’s children aren’t on easy street with lottery handouts being given to them left, right and centre but they do have something infinitely more valuable, they now have job security if they wish for it and also they have learned some important lessons about financial management and good old hard work.

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