Largest lottery instant win prize

November 23, 2009 by  
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A mother-of-three from Stoneham in Massachusetts has won the joint largest lottery instant win prize in American history, and possibly the world while playing the new Mega Cash scratchcard from the Massachusetts State Lottery.

Debra Roberto, a construction company owner, bought a $20 Mega Cash instant win lottery scratchcard from her local Fast Freddie’s store last week and to her utter disbelief discovered that she was the latest of the $10 million lottery winners created by the Massachusetts State Lottery Mega Cash instant win game. Debra decided to opt for the 20 annual payments of $500,000 as she would have had to pay $5 million in taxes if she collected all of her winnings in a lump sum payment.

Lottery winner Debra has said that the $10 million lottery scratchcard win will not change her, stating that she might buy a better car and that the family will have the best Christmas ever but beyond that, she claims that the huge lottery windfall won’t change her or her family. In the fallout from this fortunate lottery win, her children have also become instant lottery winners as Debra and her husband, Donald, have decided to transfer ownership of their construction company to their children, allowing the couple to relax a little now they have a guaranteed income for the next 20 years.

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