Last Minute Decision Leads to £4.5 Million UK Lotto Win for Londoner

September 24, 2014 by  
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Joseph Whiting, a 42 year old road sweeper from Camden, made a last-minute decision to play the UK Lotto last Wednesday that saw him scoop a life-changing £4.5 million!

The former road sweeper was going to give last week’s UK Lotto draw a miss until he made a sudden decision to nip out to his local shop and play. Joseph purchased three Lucky Dips just nine minutes before ticket sales closed that evening, and one ended up being one of three which successfully matched all six main numbers from the draw on Wednesday 17th September. The jackpot for the draw came out at a huge £13.7 million after the previous four draws passed without a top-tier winner.

Before leaving for work at 4am the following morning, Joseph decided to check his ticket and had to put his glasses on to double-check that he had in fact matched all six numbers drawn. Instead of waiting to ring lottery officials, Joseph went to work and left his winning ticket in a cup on the side, instructing his mother not to clean up the area as she usually did.

Since discovering the win, Joseph has quit his job and he has plans to purchase a new house, learn to drive and take an overdue holiday. He also plans to look after his family and friends, including his mum who has been suffering with ill health.

If you’d like the chance to replicate Joseph’s success, turn your attention to tonight’s UK Lotto draw as there is a new brand jackpot worth £2.1 million and 50 Lotto Raffle prizes each worth £20,000 up for grabs.

Visit the UK Lotto page to purchase your tickets online or visit an authorised retailer. Good luck!