Lottery conmen have stolen thousands

December 15, 2009 by  
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A well know hustle is currently being operated in London by lottery conmen who have stolen thousands of pounds and also expensive jewellery. This hustle has been used for many years and has even been featured in The Real Hustle TV show but still people are falling victim to this lottery con.

There have been six victims in recent weeks, all telling the same story. Each of them was approached by an Asian man who sometimes limps or walks with a stick to make himself look vulnerable. The Asian man tells the victim that he has won thousands playing the lottery but is unable to claim his lottery prize as he has no identification. A second conman pretends to overhear the conversation, walks over and suggests that he and the would-be-victim claim the lottery prize on the Asian man’s behalf. The Asian man then raises concerns that they could run off with his lottery winnings and asks the two men for some form of a deposit, which obviously once handed over by the victim is never seen again.

One victim of this lottery hustle handed over £6,500 in Tickenham, while another in New Malden went to a bank and withdrew £5,000 to give to the lottery conmen. Police fear the lottery conmen could strike again following their recent run of form.

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