Lottery funded playground built in wrong place

September 24, 2009 by  
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Through the Big Lottery fund many small community projects are able to take place, projects which couldn’t take place without lottery cash. People work tirelessly on behalf of these projects to secure cash for small communities so imagine the heartache felt in a tiny rural village in Wales when a lottery funded playground was built in the wrong place and is now facing the threat of being removed.

A playground in the small rural village of Ffarmers in Carmarthenshire which was funded by £63,000 of National Lottery good causes cash may have to be pulled down after it was built in the wrong place, directly at the foot of an elderly woman’s garden. Mrs Roberts, whose home is overlooked by the new play facility, is complaining that children and their parents can see into every room of her home. Mrs Roberts has complained to Carmarthenshire council that the lottery funded playground is next to her home and was been built without planning consent, a complaint which has been successfully upheld.

The members of the local community have worked really hard to secure the lottery funding and get the park up and running as there are no other play facilities in this small village since the closure of the village school last year. Some parents from the community claim that Mrs Roberts should compromise, but the elderly woman says she is in the right. A bid to acquire retrospective planning permission has been refused and Carmarthenshire Council is contemplating formal enforcement action which will require them to remove the National Lottery funded play equipment. It would be a shame to see Ffarmers children lose their only playground but you can also understand and old lady not wanting a playground built at the end of her garden.

No matter what the outcome of this particular lottery news story there will still be continued support to UK community causes from the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund. If you want to do your bit for local communities throughout Britain and have a chance of winning millions of pounds in the process you can buy tickets for the National Lottery right here at Online Lotto by clicking one of the National Lottery links below.