Lottery funding to assist army veterans

March 8, 2010 by  
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Army veterans who served in such conflicts as Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf War are to receive funding to assist them once they return to Civvy Street. Many war veterans suffer various issues after leaving the army and require help to adjust to civilian life. This is why an independent trust has been created to use lottery funding to assist army veterans once they leave the armed forces.

The Forces In Mind trust has been given an initial £35 million budget from the Big Lottery Fund to provided much needed long term support to certain vulnerable ex-squaddies. Roughly 19,000 men and women demob each year with over 5 million veterans currently living in the UK but unfortunately, when many servicemen and women return to civilian life they run into problems and issues in their day-to-day life. These problems can lead to such problems as depression, family trauma, substance misuse, homelessness and in some cases suicide.

The National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund has consulted with service and ex-service organisations around Britain to identify the most effective way to support armed forces personnel and their family following them leaving the forces. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the trust will help existing organisations, which are already in place, to help veterans in areas such as housing, employment, training, personal finances, homelessness and mental health.

The Big Lottery Fund uses money from National Lottery games to assist various local and national projects across the UK. Every time that you play any of the National Lottery’s many games and lotteries some of your cash will be donated to good causes, so even if you don’t win yourself you will be benefitting somebody when you play.

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