Lottery jackpot went unclaimed

May 28, 2010 by  
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On Monday a massive £850,513 UK National Lottery jackpot went unclaimed following the 180 day period in which a lottery winner has to make their claim. The ticket was one of three jackpot winning National Lottery tickets from the November 25th draw last year. The first two winning ticket holders came forward within days but the third ticket holder never made it.

The winning lottery ticket was sold in the Bexhill and Hastings area and a big appeal for the winner was made both on local media and by the National Lottery operators. However as the unlucky ticket holder never came forward their proceeds will be donated to the National Lottery’s Good Causes Funds to assist projects across the UK which include funding for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Besides this missed lottery jackpot claim, there are many other unclaimed National Lottery and EuroMillions prizes still unclaimed with millions of pounds of cash just waiting for the rightful owner to claim. If you buy tickets for the UK National Lottery or the EuroMillions Lottery have a hunt through your draws, take a look in your winter coat pockets and check down the side of the sofa in a bid to dig out some old lottery tickets. Once you have found your old lottery tickets click the National Lottery link above and head over to the Unclaimed Prizes section to see if you’re a winner.

If you want to make sure that you don’t become one of the lottery losers who miss their chance of lottery riches you should buy online lotto tickets. Buying your lottery tickets online means that your tickets are kept safe and secure online and if you have a winning ticket you will be emailed to ensure that your lottery prize doesn’t go unclaimed.