Lottery jackpot winner has received a letter threatening to ruin his life

August 10, 2009 by  
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Seamus Duffy, last week’s £4.5 million National Lottery jackpot winner has received a letter threatening to ruin his life just a few days after his massive lottery win. The letter, which was sent to Mr Duffy’s elderly parent’s home, attacked the Lotto winner for fathering children with different women.

The 49 year old National Lottery winner from Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland was left shocked and disturbed by the badly worded letter which he opened in front of his elderly parents. The typed letter read Seamus Duffy, If you behave like an animal, then you leave the human being state and join the animal world. Free sex resulting in many b******s and too weak to show any responsibility are the marks of the animal world. So why not join the zoo and become another Duffy show?’

Mr Duffy has five daughters and a son by his ex-wife Noreen and also a partner he met while working in England. The former builder is determined not to let the idiotic writer ruin his National Lottery jackpot win. Lotto winner Seamus said “None of this stuff will get to me” and he is determined to continue to enjoy hi s lottery win with his family. Thankfully lottery news this is a rare occurrence and hopefully the culprits will be brought to justice soon.

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