Lottery kiosk owner halted robbery

November 16, 2009 by  
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A lottery kiosk owner from India foiled an attempted armed robbery as he was closing his store for the night. Three men attempted to force their way into his shop to rob him but found the lottery kiosk owner less then submissive. The lottery kiosk owner halted the robbery and sent the thieves on their way empty handed.

When we think about ways in which we can buy tickets to the lottery one of the first places that springs into our minds is the local shop with a lottery terminal and once there we hurriedly scribble down our lottery numbers on that paper slip and give it to the assistant, only to find that the lottery machine won’t accept it and by the time you have rewritten the slip it’s too late and the lottery machines have closed for the draw. But have a thought for the person on the other side of the counter.

In this bungled robbery attempt three men armed with a gun and an axe approached the lottery kiosk as the owner was closing for the night. They pushed the surprised shop owner into the store and demanded that he hand over all of the cash but the 47-year-old lottery kiosk owner was having none of it. He lunged at one of the robbers and in the ensuing struggle a shot was fired. Thankfully the shot hit the ceiling and nobody was hurt but it was enough to send the wannabe lottery thieves packing empty handed.

We hear lottery news stories about attacks on lottery kiosks and other stores where you can buy lottery tickets all too often. But in this instance the lottery thieves got nothing more than an unwanted fight and they are now wanted by police for their troubles.

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