Lottery luck up for sale

September 7, 2009 by  
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Are there people out there who are genuinely ‘born lucky’ or is it simply chance when good fortune regularly visits the same person? If you were somebody who attracted good fortune would you then attempt to sell your good fortune on? A woman in China who has had a handful of small lottery wins has done exactly that and put her lottery luck up for sale.

A 31 year old woman from Jingmen, Hubei Province, China has, after winning several small lottery prizes declared herself as lucky and has offered to sell her collection of lottery tickets for future draws for 180,000 yuan (£16,039). The multiple lottery winner believes that within her collection of lottery tickets that there are a number of winning tickets with a good possibility of a jackpot winner in there.

The Chinese place an awful lot of significance on symbols and numbers, which is what makes lotteries so popular in the country. Superstition and luck also have a lot of significance within Chinese cultures so there’s a good chance that the supposedly lucky lottery ticket seller will find a buyer.

Whether or not this eccentric lottery fan has luck assisting her when she buys her tickets or if she just buys so many that she’s bound to get a few winners is to been seen. If you want to see how lucky you are pick up your four-leaved clover and rabbit’s foot and click the National Lottery link below, while avoiding black cats, walking under ladders or breaking any mirrors as you can play the National Lottery and many other lotteries from across the world right here at Online Lotto.