Lottery scam is a lottery jackpot

November 30, 2009 by  
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Unbelievably lottery scams in the UK are still on the rise. Recent figures show that fake lottery scams are appearing every day and for many criminals the lottery scam is a lottery jackpot, netting thieves over £260 million annually, with many of the people who fall victim to such scams being elderly or vulnerable people.

Recent figures from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) state that an average of just under 140,000 individuals fall victim to lottery scams in the UK each year with the average lottery scam victim losing nearly £2,000. The lottery scam victims are usually contacted by letter, e-mail, text or phone call telling you about a lottery jackpot that has been awarded to you, via some loophole available to international players etc. Every time you will be asked to forward money of phone a premium rate telephone line to get you fake lottery jackpot, which you obviously never do. Camelot, operators of the UK National Lottery stated that they will never contact winners in such a way and will never ask for money from their lottery winners.

There are many ways to spot a lottery scam but the obvious indication that something isn’t right is when you’re asked to pay money to claim a prize you’ve supposedly already won. Any reputable lottery would simply award their winners with the prize. However, to win any reputable lottery you will need to buy tickets, which you can do right here at Online Lotto. Simply choose the lottery you want to play and buy tickets online from the comfort of your own home. And in a similar fashion to the lottery scam artists, you will be contacted by email to let you know if you have won a lottery jackpot or any other prize but unlike the lottery scammers you won’t be asked for money to claim it, you’ve already bought your tickets!