Lottery scratchcard gingerbread house

December 11, 2009 by  
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As a unique and novel way to promote lottery ticket sales a Cigar Box store in Pennsylvania, US has built a lottery scratchcard gingerbread house out of $5,000 worth of Pennsylvania Lottery scratchcards and is offering it for sale. Some of the proceeds from the sale of this lottery scratchcard gingerbread house will be given to a charity chosen by the purchaser of the scratchcard house.

The construction of the lottery scratchcard gingerbread house is made up of a cardboard frame, $1 lottery scratchcards cover the majority of the house, the door is made out of $2 scratchcards, the chimney is made from $5 scratchcards and there are also $20 lottery scratchcards which have been used to decorate the house. Every one of the lottery scratchcards used are real unused scratchcards and can be played for real prizes plus the customer who buys the lottery scratchcard gingerbread house can return any losing tickets to the store and put them in the Christmas box. Then in February the store will hold a prize draw and select five lottery winners from the losing lottery tickets.

This isn’t the only zany lottery Christmas gift available at the store. They also provide customers with other various lottery gifts including; $25 and $50 dollar lottery gift packages, $100 lottery snowman and $250 & $500 lottery Christmas trees. Other nearby Cigar Box stores have also constructed one of these $5,000 lottery scratchcard gingerbread houses which not only offer the buyer the chance of winning but also ensure that charitable causes also benefit from this Christmas lottery promotion.

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