Lottery store clerks stole winning lottery tickets

November 24, 2009 by  
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Six dishonest lottery store clerks in Kansas have been charged with both theft and computer crimes as part of an undercover operation by the Kansas State Lottery. An operation which involved lottery officials who were acting undercover, who presented winning lottery tickets to store clerks, took place and on six occasions the lottery store clerks stole the winning lottery tickets after telling the undercover lottery officials that they were losing tickets.

During the undercover sting operation by the Kansas State Lottery, who sell Powerball and other various lottery tickets, all prize winning tickets presented were for prizes over $5,000 which meant that the lottery thieves had to collect the stolen lottery prizes from the Kansas Lottery headquarters in Topeka. As each of the dishonest lottery clerks attempted to claim the prizes on the stolen lottery tickets they were arrested and charged.

Kansas State Lottery reiterated the all-important advice which they, and many other lotteries across the US, regularly advise. Whenever you buy tickets for any lottery the way to safeguard any possible lottery jackpots and prizes is to sign the back of your lottery tickets as soon as possible, even before and lottery draw has taken place and to also check the lottery results for yourself. This way if your lottery ticket is a winner it will be very difficult for somebody else to steal.

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