Lottery winner found his missing ticket in the bin

March 16, 2010 by  
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Imagine the horror you would feel if you bought a lottery ticket then discarded it in the rubbish only to find out that it was a winner. Well that’s exactly what happened to one Maryland Lottery ticket holder. However, the fortunate lottery winner found his missing ticket in the bin following a 90 minute panic search.

A 49-year-old man, whose name has not been released, threw away a $250,000 winning Maryland Lottery ticket after checking the lottery results, mistakenly thinking that his ticket was a loser. He only realised his mistake when his brother told him the news that the winning $250,000 lottery ticket was bought at Barnabas Liquors, where he had purchased his ticket. When the lottery winner realised that his lottery numbers were actually the numbers drawn he raced back to the bin where he threw away a quarter of a million dollars and frantically searched through the waste. An hour and a half later the incredibly lucky man found his winning lottery ticket, signed it and claimed his lottery prize. The oh so fortunate lottery winner has said that he intends to pay his bills off and take a trip to Europe with his winnings.

Lottery news like this is more common than you may think, with winning lottery tickets being discarded quite often. However, if you but tickets for any of the world’s lotteries the safest way to ensure that you don’t throw your winning lottery tickets in the bin is to buy online lotto tickets. This way your tickets are kept safely and securely online and you’ll even be notified by email if you have a winner.