Lottery winner kept the news a secret on New Years Eve

January 13, 2010 by  
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While many of us were partying away with friends hoping and wishing that we will win the lottery in the coming year, six lottery syndicate members no longer needed to wish. The six-strong lottery syndicate from Newcastle had won £10,257,210 but rather than shout about it and make a fuss one lottery winner kept the news a secret on New Years Eve while she partied the night away with friends.

Pat Dale, 45, from Newcastle, is one of six lucky lottery syndicate members who shared the £10 million National Lottery jackpot on New Year’s Eve. While she was enjoying her New Year celebrations Pat received a telephone call from the lottery syndicate organiser, Julie McGregor telling her that they’d won over £10 million. At first Pat didn’t believe it and thought it was a prank so Julie sent all of the other five syndicate members a picture text message of the winning lottery ticket.

Not wanting to make a fuss and upstage everybody’s New Year’s Eve celebrations with such attention grabbing lottery news, Pat decided to conceal her enormous level of excitement. The only thing that Pat did to mark the occasion was buy a bottle of Champagne and even that nearly gave the game away as one of Pat’s friends asked what the Champagne was for and asked her if she’d won the lottery or something. Pat managed to convince him that she was simply celebrating some work she had got and wanted to welcome in the New Year in style.

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