Lottery winner left his wife broke

December 18, 2009 by  
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A member of a winning Florida Lottery syndicate hid his new found lottery wealth from his wife and left her, not telling her about his riches. The deceiving lottery winner left his wife broke, without a penny of the winnings and bills she couldn’t pay, which ultimately led to her house being repossessed while he lived the high-life.

Arnim Ramdass, a former mechanic at Miami International Airport scooped a share of $19 million from winning the Florida Lottery jackpot in 2007 as part of a lottery syndicate made up of colleagues. But rather than rush home to tell his wife they were lottery winners Ramdass decided to hide his good fortune before eventually leaving with his money but without his wife.

Ramdass’s wife, Donna Campbell, discovered that he had won the lottery shortly after he left her. She was suspicious of her husband’s behaviour prior to him leaving and decided to run a Google search where she discovered his lottery secret. Campbell attempted to sue Ramdass for a share of the lottery prize money but the judge ruled in favour of Ramdass, leaving Campbell without a husband or any of his lottery winnings and all of the bills that they once shared.

The financial strain was too much for Campbell and eventually the loan on the home she had once shared with her husband was foreclosed and she was forced to leave. Campbell recently said “I thought winning the lotto was supposed to bring together a family, a husband and his wife. But all I got was deception and lies.

Thankfully, such selfish lottery news stories are few and far between but it does quite clearly show what greed can do to some people. So think about it next time you buy online lotto tickets or buy tickets at the shop. Think just how much greed can change people.