Lottery winner, Michael Carroll, wants to work as a dustman again

May 25, 2010 by  
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Notorious lottery winner, Michael Carroll, wants to work as a dustman again after losing all of his £10 million lottery fortune. Lottery lout, Carroll, hit the lottery big time in 2002 when he matched all six main lottery numbers to win a massive £9.7 million jackpot while still wearing an electronic tag, which he was forced to wear by the courts following 43 criminal charges against him.

The notorious lottery lout became one of the UK’s biggest lottery winners but now his house is currently up for sale as the lottery winner has blown his fortune, much of which he admits was spent on cocaine binges. Along with drug habits Carroll also blew a lot of cash on expensive clothes, partying and cars but now has no money left

The infamous National Lottery jackpot winner continued to commit petty crime following his massive jackpot windfall. In December 2002 Carroll was fined £1,300 for dodging a train fare, in June 2003 he was fined £12,000 for falsely claiming benefits while working as a dustman, in July 2004 he was jailed for five months for breaching a court order, in February 2006 Carroll was sentenced to nine months in prison after pleading guilty to affray and finally in January 2007 the lottery winner was handed a two-year supervisory order for being abusive to train travellers. Carroll has blamed his young age for his inability to manage the enormous fortune but there are lot of young lottery winners who do successfully manage big lottery prizes.

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