Lottery winner with losing lottery tickets

October 26, 2009 by  
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A man from New Hampshire in the US has become a lottery winner with losing lottery tickets. The New Hampshire Lottery has a scheme for converting your losing lottery tickets into prizes through their monthly and quarterly prize draws which the man has become an expert in entering.

William Rudd, a 64 year old retired warehouse worker from Salem in New Hampshire has won over 1,500 prizes over the last three years playing the “Replay” program, which give losing lottery tickets a second chance of winning. The New Hampshire Lottery “Replay” program gives participants five points for every dollar’s worth of tickets they enter and the points are then used to enter the monthly and quarterly prize draw. Monthly prizes include items like $100 fuel cards and tickets to the theatre. The current quarterly prize is a two-night stay for up to 18 people at an exclusive mountain resort.

Mr Rudd is no gambling addict though. He admits to spending around $20 on lottery tickets each week but the reason he has so many prizes to his name is because he also collects losing lottery tickets. Mr Rudd asks friends and family to save their losing lottery tickets and he also keeps an eye out for any discarded lottery tickets. Once he has his losing lottery tickets he enters the lottery ticket numbers into the online lottery website, crosses his fingers and waits for the results.

The prizes that William “lottery guy” Rudd receives aren’t huge cash prizes but they are plentiful. Some of the thousands of prizes that he has received include; bottles of maple syrup, pizzas, ice cream cones, cinnamon buns, steakhouse gift certificates, chicken sandwiches, and cups of coffee. Mr Rudd has also won museum passes, scratch tickets, ski area lift tickets, salon gift certificates, motor races, baseball games, hockey games and more.

However “Lottery Guy” is no scrooge, he shares his prizes with all of the people who help him accumulate his haul of losing lottery tickets, often taking his grandchildren to the sports events, turning everybody who is involved in his losing ticket haul into lottery winners.

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