Lottery winners body has been discovered

January 29, 2010 by  
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Investigators in the case of missing Powerball Lottery jackpot winner, Abraham Shakespeare have discovered the remains of a body. Lottery winner, Shakespeare went missing in 2008 with an official missing persons case being opened in April 2009 but this turned into a murder investigation by the beginning of this year and it is now believed that the lottery winners body has been discovered.

Two weeks ago Online Lotto brought you the news that Missing Powerball Lottery winner, Abraham Shakespeare was feared dead by officers investigating his disappearance and in the light of the discovery of a body during the investigation into the missing multi-millionaire it appears as though these fears were justified.

Investigating officers in the missing Powerball Lottery winner’s case were tipped off by an unidentified source who suggested that Shakespeare’s body was to be found near a home in Plant City, Florida. Following this information, officers from Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department searched the grounds of the property with scanners where they discovered a body buried five feet down beneath newly laid concrete slabs.

Shakespeare won the Powerball Lottery in November 2006 and opted to receive a $17 million lump sum payment. However, since winning the lottery, Shakespeare had had become alienated from his friends and family after continued requests for handouts from has lottery windfall. This is when it is believed he was befriended by alleged can artist Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore, who is said to have swindled Shakespeare out of his millions and possibly killed him.

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Moore has been identified by investigating officers as ‘a person of interest’ in the missing Powerball winner case but so far has not been charged and is not currently in custody. Police and prosecuting attorneys are already building a case to bring Shakespeare’s killer to justice. We will keep you informed of happenings in this tragic lottery news story here at Online Lotto as they unfold.