Lottery winners bought their council house

October 3, 2009 by  
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An elderly couple from Suffolk who won nearly £4 million on the UK National Lottery have decided not to buy themselves a mansion or even a manor house. Instead the thrifty lottery winners have bought their council house.

Stan and Pat Cable have always been very careful with how they spend their money and even after winning a massive National Lottery jackpot they still worry about money. The money conscious pensioners won £3.9 million nearly 18 months ago when their six lottery numbers were drawn. However since their lottery windfall they have declined the option to live the high-life, deciding instead to use the money as security.

When most lottery winners get their hands on their millions the first thing they normally do is book a luxury holiday to some exotic land, buy flash cars and do all of the things that they couldn’t afford to do before. But far from taking a cruise around the Caribbean, Stan and Pat bought a new caravan and a new 4×4 to tow it so they can holiday in the nearby Norfolk Broads.

Due to a chronic back problem Stan was forced to take early retirement meaning the couple have live in benefits for the last 10 years. This has taught the lottery winners to be very careful with money and get the very best bargains around. Incredibly, the lottery winning couple plan to buy their £150,000 two bedroom council house from the local authority. Despite having millions of pounds in the bank the elderly couple are opting to buy their council house because they have been tenants for over than 20 years and will be entitled to £34,000 of discount.

The level-headed lottery winners, who have been married for 39 years, have also splashed out on a new sofa, some handbags and a new car for Pat but beyond these few luxury purchases the couple live just the same as they did prior to their lottery win, even continuing to buy tickets to the National Lottery.