Lottery Winners Curse

September 2, 2009 by  
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Is there really such a thing as a ‘lottery winners curse?’ Over the years studies of lottery winners, who have suddenly found themselves incredibly wealthy overnight have shown that being a big lottery jackpot win can be a dream come true one day and a nightmare the next leading people all over the world to talk about the mysterious lottery winners curse.

If you had just checked the lottery results and discovered that you had won millions of pounds on the lottery, you wouldn’t think that you were cursed, more like a blessed. However for some lottery winners it doesn’t stay as a blessing for long. It has been proved time and time again that certain people who win the lottery will blow all of their winnings and often alienate many of their friends and family along the way simply because they don’t know how to handle the responsibility that comes with this new found fortune, or is it the lottery winners curse?

Over the years there have been many lottery news stories of winners from across the world who haven’t understood the responsibility required to handle such large sums of money successfully. Instead they’ve bought exclusive beachside houses and expensive fast cars, they’ve hosted lavish parties and some have even given loads of their cash away to those newly acquired ‘money friends’ who crawl out of the gutter every time they can smell somebody with money. In the end many of them finish up worse off than they were before their lottery win, with some of them even being forced to file for bankruptcy. Some may say it’s the lottery winners curse.

Many people, especially those from poorer backgrounds, who have no experience of such vast sums of money as lottery jackpots do end up getting it wrong and get labelled as being ‘cursed’ through their windfall but it’s not really a curse. There are no witches involved, no vu-du dolls used or any hex’s cast. It is simply the case that such a big life change, including the new burden of responsibility that a big lottery win carries is too much for some people to handle. No curses!

So next time you buy tickets for the lottery, which you can do right here at Online-Lotto, think of the responsibilities required to handle such large sums of money, and if you ever do pick the right numbers and become a lucky lottery jackpot winner seek advice, don’t expect to know it all. Otherwise your once in a lifetime opportunity for financial stability and security could really end up being a curse.

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