Lottery winners have bought an eco-friendly home

March 1, 2010 by  
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The UK’s biggest lottery winners have bought an eco-friendly home in Gloucestershire. Nigel Page and Justine Laycock scooped £56 million a couple of weeks ago when they shared the £112 EuroMillions rollover Mega Jackpot which marked the EuroMillions Lottery’s 6th birthday celebrations.

Nigel, 43, and his partner Justine, 41, have just taken possession of a state-of-the-art six-bedroom eco-friendly mansion which is made up from fully restored 400-year-old dairy farm buildings. The EuroMillions winners will benefit from some amazing building techniques and concepts in their new home such as a solar park, where heat from the sun is captured in 20 panels. The heat energy is then stored in rocks under the ground, heat which is then used to power the underfloor heating and to also heat the indoor swimming pool.

As lottery winners Nigel and Justine make their way into the lottery millionaire lifestyle they haven’t just thought about themselves. The generous record-breaking EuroMillions winners have given their old home to their cleaner, Denise Kelso. Mrs Kelso and her family have moved into lottery winners, Nigel and Justine’s old home and have also reportedly been left the keys to Nigel’s black Honda Civic after Nigel trading up to a BMW. Since the lottery winners moved into their new six-bedroom home Mrs Kelso has also quit all of her other cleaning jobs to concentrate exclusively on working for the lottery winners, taking care of their new home.

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