Lottery winners nephew fell from a balcony

January 4, 2010 by  
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An appeal for blood donors has been made for the nephew of a National Lottery winner who is in a coma in a Mexican hospital. The £11 million National Lottery winners nephew fell from a balcony on the seventh floor of a hotel and is now in hospital waiting for the required blood before doctors can operate.

Mark Gardiner, from East Sussex was one of the first UK millionaire lottery winners created way back in 1995 when he won £11 million playing the National Lottery but even Mark, with his millions cannot help his nephew. Southampton University student, Philip Pain, fell from the seventh floor balcony in what appears to be a terrible accident, with no sign of drugs or excessive alcohol in his system when it happened. Mr Pain suffered two broken legs, a broken lower back, crushed internal organs and is now in a coma. Mr Pain’s blood type is O negative and the Mexican hospital where he is being treated simply doesn’t have enough for them to operate.

Back in the UK, National Lottery winner Mr Gardiner spoke of his feeling of frustration through the inability of his lottery jackpot winnings to help his nephew saying “We all take for granted that there is an ambulance when you need one and that blood will be there” he continued by telling of the how the money from his lottery win couldn’t help either saying “It (blood) isn’t just on the shelf. It isn’t a question of me handing over my credit card and buying whatever we need. Facebook campaign has been launched by Mr Pain’s siblings in an attempt to find suitable donors in the area.

Events like this make you realise that all of the lottery cash in the world can’t help sometimes. Our thoughts here at Online Lotto go out to Mr Pain and his family and we hope that blood donors are found soon.