Lottery winners son will return to war

January 5, 2010 by  
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The son of Britain’s biggest single lottery winner has decided to return to his Royal Marines comrades in Afghanistan to continue their fight against the Taleban. The lottery winners son will return to war even though his father’s newly acquired wealth could have bought him out of his military agreement, but he chose to put his life on the line and return to help his fellow Marines.

Corporal Dan Scadding, 28, of 40 Commando Royal Marines, is the son of Les Scadding, the £45.6 million EuroMillions winner, who broke the UK record for the biggest single lottery win when he shared the £91 million multi-rollover EuroMillions jackpot in November with a lottery syndicate of IT workers from Liverpool. Since winning the EuroMillions Les Scadding and his wife, Samantha have dined with Motorhead, bought luxury cars and have even found their perfect hill top mansion in Barbados according to the latest lottery news stories about the couple but I’m sure if there’s one thing they wish they could buy it would be their son’s safety. But with grand display of a sense of duty, their son, Dan has decided honour his agreement, a gesture which many others wouldn’t make.

So with the opportunity to buy his way out of his military contract, Corporal Scadding has taken the brave decision to return to war torn Afghanistan to fight alongside his fellow squaddies and will finish his short break with his family before heading off to Plymouth to begin final preparations for deployment to Afghanistan.

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