Lottery winners still live in their council house

November 4, 2009 by  
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Stan and Pat Cable won nearly £4 million playing the National Lottery in May of last year but the lottery winners still live in their council house, which they have lived in for 27 years, despite being able to buy a luxury home. This decision has now caused divided opinions about whether or not the lottery winning couple should be allowed to keep the council house.

Every time we hear the news conference or read lottery news articles about new lottery winners we hear about how the money won’t change them, then the next day they’re driving around in Ferraris and buying 8 bedroom mansions. However when Stan and Pat said that winning the lottery wouldn’t change them they meant it. Besides a £12,000 caravan and the odd luxury the thrifty lottery winners have shown no signs of carelessly spending a single penny of their lottery windfall, including not wanting to move away from their home of 27 years.

This decision by Stan and Pat has caused certain local members of the public to speak out of their disapproval, stating that now they could afford to buy their own home they should vacate their council house to allow another more needy family to take the property. But would they move out of their council house if they won the lottery? I’m sure their tune would change. Imagine the memories you would be forced to leave behind if the council did allow for such foolish rules.

This sounds like another classic case of sour grapes, which is unfortunately a common occurrence around lottery winners. If you want to test the theory out, click the National Lottery link below and if your lottery numbers come out tonight you will see firsthand.