Lottery winners told via Facebook

December 9, 2009 by  
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A lottery syndicate of airport workers won £2.6 million playing the National Lottery and unusually the lottery winners were told via Facebook of their jackpot win. The 23-strong lottery syndicate had bought National Lottery tickets for two years but prior to winning the jackpot they’d never won more than £40.

Most of the lottery syndicate work together for Servisair at Heathrow’s Terminal Three and play the National Lottery every week, however this particular week they were in for some good news, and it came from an unexpected source. Paul Cotter, organiser of the lucky lottery syndicate changed his Facebook status to “We’ve won £2,625,215 on the Lotto. This is not a joke. Please call me, anyone who is in the syndicate, as soon as possible” to notify the syndicate members of their good fortune. One of the lottery syndicate members commented that it was the best Facebook status update that they had ever seen but after originally reading it she slammed her laptop shut, assuming that it was a joke.

Syndicate organiser Paul Cotter was the biggest winner as he bought four tickets for that week’s draw bagging him over £400,000. However Paul said that the lottery win wasn’t a complete surprise to him as he was told he would win a large sum of money in December by a palm reader in California 15 years ago, and as the cash arrived into his bank account on Tuesday that is exactly what happened.

It’s not the typical way for lottery syndicates to be informed of jackpot wins but it is an effective one. With the popularity of Facebook these days, even if some of the syndicate members didn’t see Paul’s Facebook status I imagine the news that they were all lottery winners would have soon spread.

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