Lotto player has not spent a penny

May 4, 2011 by  
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If you won the National Lottery what would you do with your instant wealth? Would you buy a new luxury pad? Get behind the wheel of that little red sports car you have always wanted? Or maybe jet off for a holiday of a lifetime somewhere exotic where all of your whims would be catered for? Well it would appear not everyone is so extravagant and one Lotto player has not spent a penny of their winnings.

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Matthew Breach became only the 7th person ever to win a triple Lotto rollover when he picked up a massive £18 million back in March of this year but up until now he has not let it change him in any way apart from allowing him to give up his job as a delivery driver for a builders merchant. Matthew is still living in his modest house in East Sussex and still drives his old Vauxhall Astra car. The 37 year old Lotto winner has not even booked a holiday and only recently applied for a passport.

The single millionaire has earned £7,500 in interest on his winnings even though it is all in the same low interest bank account he has always had. Matthew does plan to break into his fortune in the near future though and is looking for a new home but plans to stay in the same area and does not want anything too big. The eligible bachelor recently joined a dating site in the hope of finding love and his Sandra, 67, said: ‘It’s a shame he doesn’t have anyone to share it with. But I’ve told him, “If you get a woman now you’ll have to get a pre-nup!”