Lucky lottery numbers

November 26, 2009 by  
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The UK National Lottery, like many other lotteries across the world, draws completely random numbers via one of numerous machines which are randomly selected and carefully scrutinised by independent officials. If this is the case why are certain numbers, like 13 for example, statistically less likely to be drawn than other lottery numbers? What is it that makes some randomly drawn numbers lucky lottery numbers and some of them less lucky?

Is there some mystical force assisting some numbers to be drawn before others? We’ll we’¢re not sure about a mystical force but we can tell you that some lottery numbers do get drawn much more frequently than others. The number bringing up the rear with the least number of selections is, believe it or not, number 13! This bizarre happening has no explanation and has left mathematicians and statisticians alike scratching their head. Is the number 13 really an unlucky lottery number?

At the other end of the scale is lucky lottery number 38. The number 38 lottery ball has been drawn more times than any other lottery ball in the history of the UK National Lottery being drawn a total of 256 times since the National Lottery launched 15 years ago, 209 as the main ball and 47 times as the bonus ball. Other front-runners for the lucky lottery numbers title include; 23, 25 and 31 which have been drawn over 700 times collectively.

So when you next buy tickets for the National Lottery or any of the other major world lotteries it may be worth investigating which number are lucky lottery numbers to increase your chances of becoming the latest in a long list of lottery winners. You can put this theory to the test when you next buy lottery tickets here at Online Lotto.