Lucky lottery player won twice in a year

August 9, 2009 by  
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We’ve all heard the expression ‘lightning never strikes twice’ and should you be unlucky enough to actually be struck by lightning I would hope for your sake that this is true. However for a man from Wichita, Kansas, US lightning has struck twice. This lucky lottery player won twice in a year grabbing over $900,000 in lottery prizes in the process.

Back in September Edward Williams won $75,000 playing a $10 lottery scratch card. Then on Wednesday he matched all of the numbers in the Super Kansas Cash drawing to win a jackpot worth nearly $900,000. When Williams won the $75,000, he bought a car and put the rest of the winnings into savings and investments but this time the doubly- lucky lottery winner says he is saving it for his retirement, which he now plans to take at 55.

Ex-US Marine Williams who has worked as a factory operative for the last 17 years says that he has been playing Super Kansas Cash, Powerball and other lottery games ever since leaving the Marines. When asked if he had any advice for us lottery hopefuls he said “Just keep on playing. That’s the best advice I have for other people looking for that big win.”

Williams isn’t the first lucky player to win more than one big lottery prize. Keith Selix, of Waterloo, Iowa, hit the headlines back in 2006 after winning three lottery prizes totalling over $81,000. When Selix was asked about his amazing good fortune he said his luck mysteriously changed after his wife died, and he was convinced he was being “led from above.” Funnily enoug , Selix’s wife had often nagged a him for wasting their money on the “those cotton-picking tickets.”

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